Made my Printer Scan to Editable Text

Recently I found a folder of typed pages of journals I wrote in 1979 when I went to the Northwest School of Outward Bound in the Three Sisters Wilderness area in Oregon.  I long ago had typed them into some word processing program to preserve them, for they are mostly written in pencil which is fading.  Believe it or not, I was using an IBMPS-1.

So I decided to scan these pages using my HP Photosmart C4795 wireless printer.  I’ve had it since 8/08/2010 and had never used it to scan. It turned out it would only scan to PDF, scan to email, or scan to TIF.  I wanted it to scan to Microsoft Word.

Today technical support from HP had me download the software for the Officejet 8500 Pro which has the Optical Character Recognition (OCR) software built-in, which my printer did not.  I extracted the files, ran setup, but when the wizard asks to connect USB cable clicked cancel.

Eureka! My printer now scans to searchable PDF and text (OCR) RTF file.




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