DIY Fixes for Annoying Home Ailments

The lawn is turning brown.

This is often due to insufficient watering. An easy way to tell if your lawn is thirsty, before it’s too late, is to look at it through polarized sunglass lenses. If it appears blue-gray instead of green when it’s in direct sunlight, turn on the sprinklers.

The mirror fogs up when you take a shower.

Treat it with Rain-X antifog wipes (about $4; at auto supply shops), which are made to improve windshield visibility.

Laminate kitchen countertop edge banding is peeling.

Brush contact cement onto the laminate and the substrate, and let it dry. Then press the laminate in place and clamp it tight using blue painter’s tape.

You’re always fumbling in the dark.

If there’s no switched outlet in the room, add a wireless one for a table lamp. Leviton’s Anywhere Switch (about $24; has an adapter that plugs into an outlet to receive the fixture’s plug, and a battery-powered switch that fastens to the wall.






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