Steam generator like in a Navy nuclear reactor system


This isn’t exactly like the units I am familiar with. You will note this has steam NOT ever in contact with the reactor’s fuel or coolant. The Japanese reactors are boiling water reactors. They produce steam within the reactor vessel. The above picture is for a PWR or pressurized water reactor in which the very hot water exits the reactor, enters the steam generator then flows through all those tubes you see in the picture. The pressure is so high the water doesn’t boil. Heat is absorbed by water surrounding these tubes and produces steam to be piped to turbines for electrical generation and also propulsion. The very hot water in the tubes now leaves cooler, to return to the reactor, where nuclear fission heats it again and this primary coolant loop begins again.

The steam went through the turbines then into a condenser where as feedwater, is pumped pack into the steam generator to complete this secondary loop of the process.

2 loops: Primary (nuclear) and Secondary (steam/feedwater)


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